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Products & Services
Baby Weighing Scale
Digital ECG Machine
Instrument Trolley
Kick Bucket
Dissection Box
Silicon Resuscitator
SS Bowl & Stand
Semi-Fowler Bed
B.P Apparatus
Medical Suction Device
Medical & Surgical
Health Monitors
Medical Utensils
Economical Infrared Lamps
Oval Clinical Thermometers
Room Thermometers
Digital Thermometers
Medical Disposable
Suction Catheter
Gibbon's Catheter
Nasal Oxygen Catheter
Uretheral Catheter
Male External Catheter
Folley Balloon Catheter
B. P. Monitor
Bathroom Weighing Scales
Needle Destroyers
Hospital Furniture
Hospital Fowler Bed Deluxe
Attendent Bed
Emergency And Recovery Trolley
Transfer Trolley System
Instrument Trolley With S.S. Top
Food Trolley With S.S. Tray
Ambulance Stretcher Cum Trolley
Gynaec Examination Table
Operation & Examination Table
Bed Side Locker (Deluxe)
Over Bed Table (Adjustable)
Foot Step Single
Top Kick Bucket
Hand Wash Basin Stand (Double Basin)
Back Rest
Autopsy Table
Electro-Motive Operation Table
Bed Pan Perfection Type
Bed Pan Fracture Type
Hospital Basins (S/S)
Spong Bowles
Urinal Male
Hospital Plasticware
Douche Can
Bed Pan Male
Surgical Instruments
Fiberoptic Headlight
Fiberoptic Otoscope
Light Source
Binocular Loupe
Keratometer Operation Microscope
Applanation Tonometer
Rotating Trial Frame
Endoscopy Products
Fiberoptic Cusco-Vaginal Speculum
Fiberoptic Retractor
Monocular Dissecting Microscope
Senior Student Microscope
Laboratory & Medical Monocular Microscope
Foot Suction Manual Unit
Electric Suction Unit S.S.Top 1/2 H.P.
Hot Water Bottles
Bed Pan
Ice Bags
Pipette Bulb
Carrugated Sheets
Medical & Surgical
Surgical Products
Hospital Furniture & Equipments
Thermometers Prismatic
Basal Thermometers
Forehead Thermometers
Laboratory Thermometers
Surgical Paper Tape
Blood Administrative Set
Measured Volume Set
Scalp Vein Set
Disposable Syringes
Urological Products
Iv Infusion Set
Hight Measuring Stand
Pregnancy Test Card
Needle Burns Electricity
Bed Intensive Care Unit
Semi Fowler Bed
Maternity Bed With Crib
Stretcher On Trolley
Tilt Table
Curved Instruments Trolley
Cylinder Trolley
Examination Table
Labour Table
Orthopaedic Table (Watson Jones)
Bed Side Locker (General)
Bed Side Screen (4 Fold)
Foot Step Double Visitor Stool
Saline Stand Baby Cradle
Instrument Cabinet
Dustbin Crash Cart
Super Deluxe Hydraulic Opration Table
Hospital Hollowwares
Bed Pan Round Type
Solution Basin Shallow
Bed Pan Male
Urinal Female
Kidney Tray Commode
Dispensing Cups Conical
Bed Pan Female
Surgical Sutures
Fiberoptic Laryngoscope
Fiberoptic Spot Light
Ophthalmic Products
Headlight With Loupe
Slit Lamp Microscope
Trial Frame
Fiberoptic Cable
Fiberoptic Graves-Vaginal Speculum
Fiberoptic Sigmoidoscope
Senior Research Biological Microscope
Travelling Microscope
Suction Units
Electric Cum Manual Suction Unit
Electric Suction Unit S.S.Top 1/4 H.P.
Air Cushion
Plain Catheter
Section Tube
Stomach Wash Tube
Enema Syringe
Douche Tube
Medical & Surgical
Medical Consumables
Healthcare Products & Aids
Clinical Thermometers.
Rectal Thermometer
Nipple Thermometers
Veterinary Thermometers
Ryle’s Tube
Stomach Tube
Rectal Tube
Levin Tube
Infant Feeding Tube
Iv Cannula
Diagnostic Equipments
Foetal Heart Monitors
Tongue Depressor
Needle & Syringe Burns
Hospital Fowler Bed General
Semi Fowler Bed Deluxe
Pediatric Bed With Side Railings Ward Bed
Emergency Trolley
Mayo's Instrument Trolley
Dressing Trolley With S.S. Top
Solid Linen Trolley
Examination Couch With Cabinet
Obstretric Labour Table
Obstretric Labour Table (Telescopic Type)
Over Bed Table "Sunmica Top"
Bed Side Screen (3 Fold)
Patient Stool S.S.
Baby Bassinet
Hand Wash Basin Stand (Single Basin)
Phototherapy Unit
Gear Type Major Head End Control Surgical Operation Table
Hydraulic Operation Table Gear Matic For C-Arm Image Intensifier
Lotion Bowles
Bed Pan Female
Lotion Bowls Gallipot
Steam Inhaler
Eye Wash Cups
Veterinary Syringes
Ent Set
Halogen Head Light
Halogen Spot Light
Streak Retinoscope
Trial Lens Set
Color Test Vision
Fiberoptic Bronchoscope And Oesophagoscope
Fiberoptic Proctoscope
Fiberoptic Sims-Vaginal Speculum
Pathological Binocular Microscope
Student Microscope
Vertical Foot Suction
Slow Suction Unit
Autoclaves & Sterilizers
B.P. Armlet Bag
Kellys Douche Pad
S.R. Catheter
Stethoscope Tube
B.P. Bulb
Ryle's Tube
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